Dr. Robert Elam

Robert Elam was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in July of 1939, the son of John D. and Marjory N. Elam. He is the youngest of three children. In 1948, Robert received Christ as his personal Savior in a small church on the south side of Albuquerque. At 14, God called Robert into the ministry, but Robert had other ideas. He wanted to be an Electrical Engineer; a scientist. Robert refused the calling. At age 17 God sent him a second call and again Robert refused.

After graduation from Highland High in 1957, Robert suffered an accident and instead of going to the University of New Mexico, he entered service in the Army. He ended his military time in Panama and returned to Albuquerque to study Electrical Engineering.

After 3 years at the University of New Mexico, God called Robert a third time.  Robert yielded to the calling and studied at Baptist Bible College.  There he met his dream wife, married her and God blessed them with a wonderful graduation present, their daughter Laurel.

They left BBC and went to Tacoma, Washington where they worked with Pastor Art George.  In 1972 they yielded to go to Brazil as missionaries.  They left the USA in 1974 and landed in Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil.  The learned the Portuguese language there and spent most of their 36 years on the field there.

While on the mission field in Brazil, they started 8 churches, helped other missionaries in establishing 7 other churches, helped national pastors start 5 more, and assisted by teaching and preaching in 8 previously established churches.

Robert has held Bible Conferences, youth camps, and Prophecy classes in 3 different states in Brazil: Acre, Rondonia, and Paraiba.  He has taught in three different Bible Institutes and has had his own institute for 25 years.  He has been able to produce over 60 Bible College Courses and has taught them to students all over the country.  At the present time he sends lessons out to over 90 Missionaries, National Pastors, National Professors, and students all over Brazil.  

He has received the call to go to Dupont, Washington and help start the Dupont Bible Institute where he will be working with Pastor Wayne Rose and Dr. Sam Brown to create courses and teach.

Dr. Robert Elam received his Master’s (2000) and Doctorate (2002) in Theology and Bible Studies from Louisiana Baptist University.

He has authored 4 articles and 6 books.


    The Muscular System – an Engineering Master Piece

    Design is Necessary

    Feedback, a proof against Evolution

    How Complex is Complex?


    The Two Altars

    Calvinism: Why Real Baptists should stay away from it

    Church? Which Church?

    The Bride of Christ: Who is it?

    The Gospel of the Tabernacle

    Justification, at What Cost?


Any of these works may be ordered from the author: Contact Dr. Robert A. Elam;  PO Box 663, Dupont, WA 98327 or make an online request to dr_rob_elam@hotmail.com.